2024 Exhibitors

Troy Clark

Jonathan Brooks

Curnow Bookbinding

Steven Curnow

Gena Salorino

Nikola Pang

Jim Hinze

Daniel Bingham

Curnow Bookbinding

Matthew D. Chen

Michael J. Green

Modern Analog

Jessica Sall

Shawn Newton

Kirk Speer

Fountain Pendulum

Gailyn Benne

Shu-Jen Lin

Tokyo Pen Station


Travelers Notebooks
White Bear Pens

Mikayla Jackson


Kurtis Kissell

Zodiac Pen Company

Barton Connor

Thomas Ang


Michael AuYeung

Sara Claggett

Stewart Hawkinson

PDX Pen Club’s Ink Tasting Station

Deanna Ruiz

Ian Scarborough

Lock in 2024 Exhibit Space at 2023 rates!

Exhibit BoothExhibit Fee
Wall with Electricity$250
Interior with Electricity  $175
Interior, No Electricity    $150

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